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Dr. Bert R. Bock, President
Dr. Bock holds a Ph.D. degree in soil science from the University of Nebraska and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agronomy from Kansas State University. He started his professional career as Assistant Professor of Soil Fertility at Auburn University and recently completed 25 years of service at the Tennessee Valley Authority where he worked in TVA’s national agricultural programs before moving into the bioenergy and waste-to-energy fields. Dr. Bock’s most recent position at TVA was Principal Scientist with responsibilities in assessment and development of biomass energy systems, strategy development for waste-to-energy systems, and assessment of options for sequestering carbon as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In that position he organized many externally and internally funded projects and gained extensive experience in assembling teams to successfully address complex waste, energy, and nutrient problems. Positions held while at TVA are as follows:
  • 01/95-07/04: Principal Scientist
  • 06/96-09/97: Senior Research Associate, Joint Institute for Energy and Environment (on loan)
  • 01/94-12/94: Team Leader, Agricultural Research and Practices
  • 01/90-12/93: Manager, Agronomic and Environmental Research Section
  • 07/89-12/93: Manager, Cooperative TVA-University Research
  • 10/79-12/89: Research Soil Chemist

Dr. Bock has extensive technical and organizational experience in the areas of bioenergy systems development and demonstration; energy and nutrient recovery from wastes; carbon sequestration; animal manure management; nutrient management; environmental impacts of agricultural N; N use efficiency; soil fertility and plant nutrition; and conservation-tillage systems. Much of this experience has been in development of integrated systems that provide win-win solutions for economics and the environment.

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