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Three Rivers Planning and Development District
Eight-County Economic Development Study

This project provided an economic development study of the eight-county region of the Three Rivers Planning and Development District's (TRPDD) service area in northeast Mississippi. Strategies were provided for economic development in the automotive and bioenergy sectors. Various area and site maps, along with site layout and site concept plans were provided. The eight counties within this northeast Mississippi study area are:

  • Calhoun
  • Chickasaw
  • Itawamba
  • Lafayette
  • Lee
  • Monroe
  • Pontotoc
  • Union

Principal organizations involved in this study included TRPDD, Economic Development Administration (EDA), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), county economic development organizations, and the Center for Economic Development And Resource Stewardship (CEDARS). CEDARS was selected as the lead consultant after a review and evaluation of proposals for qualified organizations by TRPDD. B.R. Bock Consulting, Inc., provided the bioenergy opportunities assessment under subcontract to CEDARS.  Primary funding for the study was provided through a grant from the EDA. TVA Economic Development provided “in-kind” technical services from its headquarters and field staff. Data and technical input along with cash contributions were provided by the participating county economic development organizations.

The scope of work included several parts, which together are intended to provide a framework, strategy, and implementation materials to benefit future economic development opportunities for the eight-county region. The strategies and framework were assessed and developed on a regional, sub regional, and county level basis considering existing industry types and clusters; and future industry clusters emerging in the region as a result of the natural resource assets and potential public and private sector funding opportunities. The implementation materials included marketing summaries for specific industrial park sites within each county linked to and through the individual county websites to the regional sites managed by TRPDD and the State of Mississippi. These were then linked to nationally recognized websites like TVA Economic Development. The study along with hard copies and electronic files of marketing summary sheets were provided to the counties. These summary sheets were provided in Appendix C along with information related to technical needs for making changes in these products.

Full final report (33 MB PDF)

Final report without detailed site information (1 MB PDF)

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