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Energy and Nutrient Recovery from Turkey Litter
and Swine Solids in Southeastern North Carolina

This project was funded by Farm Pilot Project Coordination (FPPC) and Smithfield Foods through the Smithfield Foods/Attorney General’s Agreement (see project 18) (http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/waste_mgt/smithfield_projects/separation-gasification/bestpdf.pdf)

It is an addendum to a demonstration project in southeastern North Carolina using the Biomass Energy Sustainable Technology (BEST) system. The BEST system involves dual solids separation at the pig farm to remove solids from the wastewater and then combusting a mixture of turkey litter and swine solids and exporting the nutrient-rich ash out of the concentrated poultry and swine region in southeastern North Carolina for incorporation into commercial fertilizers. This is projected to be one of the most promising options for economically exporting surplus manure phosphorus out of southeastern North Carolina. Obtaining maximum ash value is a critical requirement for demonstrating the economic viability of the overall BEST system. The primary purpose of this project was to demonstrate optimum use of the ash from turkey litter and swine solids in granular fertilizers. The granulation demonstration was conducted by Applied Chemical Technology in Florence, Alabama. Also as part of this project, ash for use in the ash granulation demonstration was produced at the Energy Products of Idaho (EPI) pilot plant in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and a detailed test of the EPI fluidized bed technology was conducted while the ash was being generated.


Demonstration of Energy and Nutrient Recovery (PDF)

Fluidized Bed Combustion Test/Demonstration Paper (PDF)

Fluidized Bed Combustion Test/Demonstration Presentation (PDF)

Ash Granulation Test/Demonstration Paper (PDF)

Ash Granulation Test/Demonstration Presentation (PDF)

Ash Granulation Test/Demonstration FPPC Presentation (PDF)

Summary Report (PDF)

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